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Real Estate Info

This page holds information for players interested in purchasing a home and custom furnishings. You'll find an itemized price list that you can use as a reference. To request more information, or to make a purchase, [contact] the DM.

Price List Examples
• Single floor square house = 30,000gp
• Two story house = 50,000gp
• Basement = add 15,000gp to the above costs
• Complex homes = 60,000gp to 80,000gp
• Lodge (w/ two lvls) = 100,000gp

Services sometimes can be taken in lieu of payment, consisting mainly of testing time, or writing up of developed quest story lines for me to add to the module.

Those who want to build their own house and [send] it to me may do so, but the cost of land still applies (1/2 the above prices). NOTE: Suspeneded for lack of room in module at this time.