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DM LantharModule Rules & Regulations

This page delineates Lanthar's Commandments for the World of Talus module.

• Certain areas will be declared holy ground. They shall have pvp set to none. These include the challenges, and most populated areas.
• Players will confine thieving activities and pvp actions to places outside these consecrated portions of the module.
• Intentional PvP is allowed under the following conditions:

– Players involved have agreed to pvp at any time
– Players involved agree to a duel
– Attacker was pickpocketed by the other pc
– Attacker was unquestionably provoked (fighting words) more than 5 times in character and the attacker fails a *will check* dc 5 (ones always fail, and only allowed to try once per insult after the fifth time).
– Killer raises killed immediately after battle
– A DM is present and has expressly stated it to be allowed
– Attacker is Lanthar D'Alton

• Any player that insists on killing other players against these rules, will be punished with loss of 3 levels. If they persist in this behavior, they will be banned. Thereafter, a review by Lanthar is the only way to get unbanned. Do not plead with your fellow players, as they will have no recourse. You may only defend yourself to Lanthar. Only through obviously stupid actions will you ever be permanently banned.
• If you are killed by another player in violation of these rules, then you should screenshot the dialog leading up to it (just one screen will do) and contact Lanthar via the forums.
• Insulting another player out of character is not allowed. It is understood that sometimes things do happen that quickly escalate emotions, but please do not take out your rage out of character. Go kill monsters or something instead.
• Attacking the first person you see in the module is dumb. If you foolishly attack a DM, you will be slaughtered. Mercilessly. That DM may resurrect you, depending upon their mood at the time.
• Attacking furniture is not a good choice either. See the above statement. I really hate woodworking, but I can and will replace busted furniture just to spite you, and the next time around, it won't be breakable. Most furniture should already be indestructible. Additionally, anything you break, you buy. NOTE: Furniture broken out of rp is VERY expensive.
• DM run quests are considered paramount to all guild battles or pvp activities. If you come across a quest, and a DM is running it, do not interfere, unless you wish to join, or have the permission of the DM running the quest. If you do, you will be asked to stop once. If you fail to stop, you will be killed. If you come back again, you will be sent to the isolated jail area for a long time. No DM will question another's action in placing a player there, nor free another DMs prisoner, excepting by Lanthar's permission.
• If your character has been banned, and you wish to have a trial, contact me via ICQ, and let me know why you were banned, and how you plan to do penance. Penance may go from picking up junk other players left behind, or escorting low level players through some difficult section, or just saying you're sorry to the individuals involved. In all cases, multiple repeats of any violation without extenuating circumstances will result in permanent banning by CD key. Provoking a player doing penance is frowned upon too.

The following activities are acceptable:

• If you want to shout, do so, but not too often as it can disrupt others RP.
• Attacking other PCs outside the "sanctified areas," within the conditions laid out above.
• Thieving from other PCs outside specified safe areas. If you thieve, be prepared to die. That will typically be a players reaction after "give it back," gets a no. Killing a thief who runs into a safe area is not acceptable, so if they make it in, you'll just have to wait and get them later.
• Killing NPCs that are NOT hostile to you. Any NPC that attacks you may be attacked back. There are certain exceptions where roleplaying might encourage players to attack first. This is acceptable. If the character spawns for you, then you can probably kill it. If it is a static character that offers quests, don't try. It's just a bad idea, and normally won't work anyway, unless we missed something. If you do kill an NPC on accident, or while "play-testing AKA being a fool," and you don't think the npc should have died, and it doesn't come back, let us know, so we can update the world with a replacement, or fix him to be invulnerable.

The following subrace restrictions should be followed:

• Making characters which mix high-power races and templates such as Troll/Half-Dragons or Half-Dragon/Dragon Disciples is not allowed. This is considered an exploit of the system, and such characters will jailed or adjusted.
• Undead characters are not allowed.

• If you are trying to roleplay a small group on the server, and would like to have a DM present, contact me via the [ICQ panel] on the site, or post a message on the message boards.