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About the Server Status Window

• The server status window is designed to show the status of Lanthar's Lair, to give a count of the number of players who are currently on line, and to list the first few players. This is still an experimental feature and we would like to know if you run into any problems. Please send Anj an [email] if the script is not working correctly, or post the problem in the forums.

• Please also note that the window will display only the first dozen or so characters. If there are a lot of people online, you may not be able to see all of them.

• The page is currently set to refresh every 30 seconds. If you are running privacy software (such as AdSubtract) make sure that you do not disable HTML refreshes for the URL (where the PHP script is hosted).

• Another cool thing that you can do with the server status window is to make it into an active desktop item. This will ensure that you always have the server status displayed in a small space on your desktop. If you are interested in doing this, one way is to:

- Right-click on your desktop background, select "Properties"
- Navigate to the "Web" tab and click on the "New..." button
- For the location, enter
- After clicking ok, you will get the status page on your desktop.
- You'll find a neat server status window on your desktop, like the one below.
- You can resize it however you prefer.

NWN Server Query script credit goes to Papillon at blackdagger.