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World of Talus area maps

Warning ALL T1 Maps Outdated

These are maps of various areas in the World of Talus. I broke them into smaller maps in order to facilitate printing them. The transitions shown are only approximations, but will help you find them with greater ease. Moreover, the maps are optimized for viewing on the Web, but they can also be printed (medium quality). To get the best printing results, please follow the instructions on each map page.

If you find any errors or omissions, please [email] them.

Player Characters as well as Many NPC will have anywhere from a vague knowledge of the world around their lands to a comprehensive geographical & geopolitical understanding.
Warning: some maps may contain "Spoilers".

Currently the World of Talus (referred to as WoT hereafter) has 2 enhabited continents. Neither appears to be aware of the other and have developed at different paces after the technological holocaust described Here.

Talus 1 Maps

Inner Lomatin, detailed
Lomatin & surrounding forests
Lomatin Mtn., Svirfneblin, & Grummvarc Mtn.
Minotaur & Blue River areas
Northern Peridotia Grid
Northern Peridotia Topo
Peridotia to City of Alvar
Map of Peridotia
The Grand Chasm area
The Underdark & Crescent City of the Drow
Kitharmin Mountain & Snow City areas
Northern Peridotia Grid
Northern Peridotia Topo

Talus 2 Maps

Talus 2 Overall Map Updated 9-2011
Talus 2 Population Map Updated 9-2011
Talus 2 Valahna Grid Map Updated 10-2011
Talus 2 Valahna Area Grid Updated 10-2011