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Script Downloads

This page includes various scripting files available for download. Read the descriptions for more information about each.

Talus Speech System
This package was designed to capture every single thing said by your players and allow it to be parsed. This includes tells. The parser is very efficient, and the listener is external, and thus it does NOT rely upon npcs... All speech is reflected in the Listener window, as well as being logged. Note that NWNX or nwn-mysql must be installed for this program to work.

This is the updated 3.06 beta (8/31/2005) of the speech listener which now includes a nwnx_speech.dll that is auto loaded by NWNX. Detailed instructions are included. Refer to my forums if you need more help.

download version 3.06b rar file

The package consists of several scripts (two of which are the load and cliententer calls which you could merge), and an external listener program. The listener is a program that captures player speech packets, and sends them to the database. The scripts running in the module query for new speech entries at a regular interval.

download version 1.0 rar file

Player Vendor Update
Version 2.1 : 02/12/04
- Fixed the issue with reuse of vendor numbers
- Fixed issue with SQLInit not being included in ats_pv_modload (this is the cause of the 0 gold bug)

Version 2.0 : 02/10/04
- Changed the vendors to store their items based on new HotU onStoreClosed event.
- Switched to use my updated persistent storage code (more efficient).
- Fixed possible failure to delete vendor from database.
- Step 3 should no longer be required... but you might as well put one somewhere.

This update should be FAR less module intensive... since it no longer stores items every 10 minutes in bulk. This version only stores the items when the store closes. Anyway, enjoy, and let me know if you encounter any bugs.

download .rar file

Script: Forceable Doors
This includes one forceable door of all the universal types. Simply modify the DC offset as you wish in the script in the OnPhysicalAttacked event. This takes the pick lock DC and offsets it for an appropriate strength check, which is rolled and displayed to all present. Naturally, a weak player won't be running around forcing doors, but a strong barbarian can force them, and thus needs no rogue to pick them. This also saves you from losing your doors to bashing.
download zip file

Script: Riddle Doors
Just place the passworded door in your module, in a doorway... when a player tries to open it, the riddle will appear and the player has 2 minutes to speak an answer. The player must be visible and speak aloud, i.e. talk or shout.
download zip file

Script: Switch-controlled Doors
This is the lever for controlling doors. The switch tag should always have the format:
where XX is the number of minutes to wait before closing the door, and UNIQUE matches the UNIQUE tag on the door or doors the switch controls.
The door should have the format:
You may have multiple switches controlling one or more doors. For instance, I have an entire cell block of gates which are opened by one switch. In another case I have one switch that opens a door and closes it after 5 minutes. Then inside the doorway is another switch which opens the same door and closes it after 1 minute. This way, if they make it to the door, and get through, they can use the inside switch to get back out.
download zip file

The following are Lanthar's persistence NWNX downloads:

Private Player Vaults
download .rar file

Player Bonus System
download .rar file

Adapted ATS Player Vendor
download .rar file

Public Persistent Chests
download .rar file

Description Waypoints and Triggers
download .rar file