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About the Community Expansion Pack (CEP)

The community expansion pack is now available. It includes tons of classic D&D monsters that have long been missing from Neverwinter Nights. World of Talus is now using this hakpak.
Note: If you have the cep2.x auto updater it will not work for 2.4; You MUST install 2.4 manually.
Follow these steps to set up CEP, but note there are some variations for linux folder locations as well as GoG vs Steam.

Also beware of NWN folders getting generated under OneDrive on Windows.
If your onedrive is very full, you may want to edit C:\users\[username]\onedrive\documents\neverwinter nights\nwn.ini
to point to storage on a larger drive for the HAK folder.

Step 1: Download CEP 2.4 (cep_24_a.rar or newer file) from:
 Or use this direct link to the file:
Step 2: Follow the CEP installation guide here:

Specifically complete these steps for PLAYERS:

    1. Download desired full version (latest recommended, of course).
    2. Decompress files
        /ambient contents go into NWN/ambient
        /docs contents go into NWN/docs
        /erf contents go into NWN/erf
        /hak contents go into NWN/hak
        /modules contents go into NWN/modules
        /tlk contents go into NWN/tlk (if this folder doesn't exist on your machine, just add it)

- For Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, these subfolders are found in your Documents folder.

CEP heads & portraits

Sick of the same old portraits and heads? You can grab these files extracted from the haks, and install them as follows:

extract the files in cepportraits.rar to your nwn\portraits directory. If there is no portraits folder in your NWN install directory, just add one.

back up your NWN\override folder. Now, extract the files in cepoverride.rar to NWN\override. That's all there is to it.