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Welcome to the companion website to The World of Talus module for Neverwinter Nights.

The aim of this site is to provide our players with information about the World of Talus - online roleplaying campaign - as well as updated news, game resources, and a forum to exchange ideas. Feel free to visit the message boards and view or submit questions and answers you might have about WoT, leave suggestions for the DM, discuss and evaluate custom creations, etc. This site will be updated frequently, so bookmark the page and visit again soon.

06/12/2023 The Lanthar's Lair server has been updated to NWN:EE, but be aware some systems are still being debugged and updated.
If you encounter a bug, please post it to the forums linked below, or to Discord at to let us know.
This site may also have some inaccuracies still due to updates, so be aware.

Note: Direct connect can be done to:

Click ME A direct link to the Talus Forums.


NWN:EE 06/23/2023
* Fixed Randolf quest locations.
* Cleaned up the Challenger's Inn.
* Adjusted DM speech commands from <CREATE* to <MAKE* since <CREATE is now a keyword.
* Investigated Death system but it started working again. Not clear on issue.
* Fixed serverstatusee.php screen showing current players online. link on left sidebar.
* Added mining shovel to Peridotia mining merchant so you can collect clay now.

A thread in this Forum that contains notes on the Old T1 server updates.
A thread in this Forum that contains notes on the Old T2 server updates.

Archived Updates

Note: Wiki is still offline.

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